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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for shot
Only real problem I had was shipping; took a while to ship because of holiday in China, package came in about a month and a half. I really like the keycaps, but LEDs don't shine through Korean lettering as well as English lettering. Not a huge problem. 1 or 2 of the keycaps had a a very small amount of staining from other colors, but it's really not noticeable unless you were looking for flaws. They fit really tight onto the switches which makes me think the sizes aren't perfect, but I haven't had a problem taking them off. They gave me a wire keycap puller in addition to the advertised plastic ring puller which is awesome.
I did order this and colored version as well, came with some extras that I was not expecting, but is nice to have. Little brush and extra Esc keys. Later when I have the chance I will try them on with a backlight.