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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for spice grinder herb grain
This is my present to myself. I grind up a lot of herbs for making spice tea called Chai. I start with black tea, but grind up many 100's of grams of cardamom, cinnamon, clove, dry ginger root, allspice, black pepper, etc. to add to a mix of tea & spices, to be served hot with soy milk to balance the flavor. I need a grinder just like this. The small ones from the store, at about 100-200watts, get so hot & do not do a good job grinding with just the one blade. I have to cut the ginger by hand, first, & break up the cinnamon. The grinds are either too powdery or too coarse. This one works much better with the 3 blades. I just got the grinder today. It is solid, well built, strong. The company is honest, fair, good price, fast service & excellent communications. The package was well done, & the shipping was faster than I could have ever asked for. Good product. Buy it here, from the Angels.