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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for stroker
Reasonable quality. Required parts of the spring retainers on the back of the pad to be cleaned out of all the excess glue to enable the pad to be able to be fitted properly - just poor quality control but not surprising for the price I guess.
Seller is professional and give very best service.It´s good sturdy and enjoyable also it could be better with extra inners plus good lube will give you more pressure.The sex toy is vry good.I li
Great Product :)! There was a problem with the shipment, the shipment was lost somewhere. But the seller sent the goods again, and this time the goods arrived right to me. Thank sellers, it is very helpful and communicates well.
The sex toy is comfortable.The packaging is very good. It came very quickly. The sex toys themselves are of good quality. The seller is good, I recommend it to everyone. Thank you very much.