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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for tevo tornado
Printer is very easy to assemble, building this printer took less time than removing the test print they leave in the factory. Scratched my service so that's a bit of a bummer. Prints are pretty good right out of the box, expect even better results after fine tuning. We will see if the scratched service will have a negative impact on adhesion...sure hope not But printer itself is a good product and the company responds rapidly on messages. Printer received a week after ordering. So I'm satisfied.
Respond very fast compared to their main competitor. Ordered on Sunday from German warehouse, received at Wednesday by Deutsche Post. Outside of the box sticked an assembly instruction in really weird German for the Tarantula. Why? Assembly is easy and fast: Follow the printed manual and put the gantry on its base, connect the cables and you're ready to print. Hex-wrenches, a small flat-wrench, screwdriver and scraper included. Also some T-nuts, a second thermistor, 0.4 needle and PTFE-Tube. SD-Card is for single use only. Was a bit disappointed, because there was no second heat bed sticker in the package like in the YouTube reviews. Board: MKS Base V1.5.