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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for virgin water wave
In love with this hair as always!! soft , true to length and overall just quality bundles...Wouldn't risk going to another vender as Berrys never fails me! Always purchase with confidence :) Rapid delivery!! Thank you xx
It’s all good and that but considering the other stuff I bought off of Ali express I think it’s pricey but hopefully time will tell whether it lasts long and why that is. Beside that gave me bad luck but not everyone’s superstitious.
I am the loyal customer in this company as I was in loved with their quality. The hair arrived in good time. There was no smell and the hair was soft. I decided to lift the hair and tone it. The hair lifted fast and was still soft even after bleaching. I will be ordering again soon.
This hair is for a wig, so once I wash the hair have it made I will post more pics. The packaging was nice. I appreciated that the bundles and closure came in individual bags and tote bags to store the hair were provided. I was very pleased with the customer service. Ashley responded to my questions in a timely manner and helped make sure my order was correct. I ordered a silk based closure instead of lace. This had to be done through messaging as the silk based closures are not displayed on their website. I found the hair to be satisfactory. I felt that I did receive what was advertised in the pictures. The hair was very clean and only smelled like the steaming process that is used to set the textures in the hair. No split ends and the length of the hair was as advertised. The closure silk was VERY THIN. I did not mind but some people like thicker silk. The closure was well made and sturdy. I did like the color of the silk as it was close to my natural scalp color. ( Black American)