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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for waterproof usb wired gaming keyboard
Product arrived within less than 10 days in perfect condition, well packaged. Everything worked straight out of the box, and the seller was very helpful and communicative. Very good and affordable board for your first foray into 40% keyboards :)
The PCB I got with the original order was broken but the seller was kind enough to send me a replacement. Thanks again! The case is pretty good for the price. It sounds way better than Ajazz AK33 thin plastic case. THe mounting plate is reasonably thick and does not ping at all. Stabilizers I got with the order are generic cherry-style clone stabs. I highly recommend you to get genuine cherry stabilizers(this seller has them too) or lube them. Unless you do that they will rattle pretty badly. Overall I'm satisfied with the order!
Generally great set. The quality is about 98%...meaning there are a few areas where there are some edges that aren't as smooth as others, etc. but overall these are awesome. I wish the legends were not entirely clear, so that the light would diffuse better. As it stands, the lights shine through almost too much. Overall, I'm very happy with these, particularly as they do the one thing I bought them for most...never hitting the keyboard they're very quiet.
exelent product, its keys are very comfortable and has an aesthetic that exceeds expectations. the mouse is also very comfortable and fully functional. the product took me a while, maybe because of some variable in my country, but i'm satisfied.