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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for wei jiang old
Very good figure. You pay for quality here. The moment you hold it you can feel it's very heavy due to the high-quality materials that is made with. Joints strong and smooth to transform. Details of the car and the robot very accurate. The face is almost like the movie one and the mouth opens... No words to describe it, just fantastic. Good size, it's quite big which is appreciate it. The transformation is complex as the robot is quite big but it's really amazing to transform. I'll buy again without a doubt
Extremely fast! The tracks are actually rubber that do roll. The turret canon is telescopic. The height is not 31, actually measuring from head to feet (with wearing shoes) is only 23 cm. The mechanics are superb, either than that really satisfied!
this is the second I buy: excellent quality, durable material, the product is just as in the description. The seller was fast for shipping and to respond to the messages, carefully packed the product. The product is charming, the people who saw it highly praise and who knows the classic version remember very well the drawings and the comics. I indicate both the product and the seller !!
Good plastic, good figure, good quality and lots of details. Very faithful to the character of G1. Rather funny how he is named in KO version : Ultra Magenus. Very funny
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