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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for putih gaming keyboard 104
Generally great set. The quality is about 98%...meaning there are a few areas where there are some edges that aren't as smooth as others, etc. but overall these are awesome. I wish the legends were not entirely clear, so that the light would diffuse better. As it stands, the lights shine through almost too much. Overall, I'm very happy with these, particularly as they do the one thing I bought them for most...never hitting the keyboard they're very quiet.
Can't fault the item - quality is superb - at first I thought I had a set with varying quality but after further investigation it's my key switched that are giving uneven lighting, not the keycaps themselves. Shame they are not more beige as the photos indicated (was after some more retro-looking keys) but still excellent and they actually have a nicer typing feel than my previous keycaps. Shipping time was crazy fast too - brilliant!
I somehow missed that only the large enter is present from the ISO set, the small LSHIFT and extra key is not. Despite this the quality is good and the caps look really nice.